Caecilius, John Frobisher, and The Doctor
We've discussed my feelings about the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor before. But in case you're new- HE HAD A MAJOR ROLE IN A SEASON OF TORCHWOOD WHICH EXISTS IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS DOCTOR WHO HOW CAN THEY JUST IGNORE THAT?! And, ya, he was also in that Pompeii episode.

Casting aside, I've grown fond of this regeneration, so beginning his era is a nice change! I much prefer watching Clara with Twelve over Eleven. As Madame Vastra is quick to tell Clara- he's not your boyfriend! And she finally gets that now that he's an old man.

I may be even more excited to see Vastra and Jenny again than meet the new Doctor. I love them so much! They are so cute in this episode! Ahhhhh!!!!

And then there's Dalek stuff, like, whatever, I'm so over Daleks. Old news.

So, answer our question- What would you change about the Daleks? Not the plunger, right? That's their defining, most practical and useful characteristic! Entire plots hinge on the utility of their plungers!

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