The warm kiss of sunrays on my skin,

The fine white sand beneath my bare feet,

The gentle sea breeze, the hush of waves,

And this vast blue-green sea that separates me,

From everything.

Birds are everywhere, colorful wings flying freely,

Feathers of black, and yellow, and green, and white,

And when I was a kid I thought sea stars are only orange,

But I was wrong,

For I found red and brown ones along the shore.

I stopped walking and looked around me,

Alas! All I can see is nothing but deep waters,

And the lush forest with its dark green foliage.

“Another day Cae,” I said as I looked at the sea,

Nothing extraordinary.

I lied on the sand, spreading my arms to its full extent,

Moving them up, then down,

As if making a snow angel, like what I see on books.

Now I wonder, “What does it feel to lie down on snow?”

For I’m sick and tired of this warm sand so much.

For you this day must be ordinary,

Just another day in one of the islands dotting the sea,

Yes, indeed.

The colors around me are nothing but the usual,

Green leaves, blue sky, gray pebbles, brown tree trunks,

All the usual except one.

I stood up and stared at my reflection at the water,

The sun is too bright but I can still see clearly,

Those two orbs of unusual color staring back.

It resembles that of sapphire’s blue,

But I must say it is of darker hue.

I never hated colors; in fact they bring me life,

And rainbows are my favorite, for they give hope.

But one color is like a curse to me,

It made me a prisoner and bounded me to this island.

The color of my eyes.

Call me Caeruleus.