Cait - Throwback Set
Late 2014. West Palm, Florida 

SO... I've been painfully busy, to the point where I feel guilty even taking time to make this post instead of doing something else - however, you guys have been my bread and butter lately, without you I'd be lost - so, I decided to pull a very special set from my archives, just for you pledgers... 

This set, although we never did anything with it, will always be a favorite of mine... It was my first real set that I shot with the hopes of submitting to Suicide Girls so it honestly really ignited my creative nude portrait taking. 

Both so fresh to this concept, and in a public park, with a couple on a bench not too far away, we did the best we could in about 30 minutes, and went to our next location (where we shot another set that we did submit and it did very well). Also, I did not re-touch this set in any way, I believe I did 2014 color adjustments at the time, and probably some sharpen and contrast. You'll see that I was not consistent at ALL, and I definitely would've edited her hair tie out of every single image it was in - btw... 

Let me just say, it is so good for the mind to see progression in your work! 

Patrons can check out the LWK set 2 - never even got a name - at this  link. 

And if you need a password reminder, click here.

P.S. I'm beginning a cross country road trip Thursday morning. So, I'll have plenty of time to catch up at that point, and y'all will be bombarded, so just hang in there!