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Caldwen Topographic Map
Hello everyone! I hope June is going well for you. Everything's proceeding rather nicely with me.

This month's first map is none other than the Magiocracy of Caldwen! It's one I've been eagerly waiting to do for years now. CC1 provided us with a very good outline of the history of this fledgling nation — as well as a glimpse into its culture. In a nutshell, the whole country has somewhat of an obsession with demons. Many of the major gods originated as demons, and being possessed by a demon is considered a religious experience by many.

I can't wait to learn more about this fascinating nation. In fact I think I'll go and re-read the chapter in CC1 now!

Regarding the map, I have designed it in a similar way to the Osriel map, which is to say it's 20" x 16", but it can be cropped down to 18" x 12" for a much more compact rendition. I will post the cropped version at a later date.

I've used a new technique (the one I posted about on my blog a couple of weeks ago) to add a little vertical exaggeration to the mountains. What do you think?

Bruce is all tied up running the Kickstarter for his next Calidar book, Dreams of Aerie, at the moment, so we'll have to wait a bit for further development of this map. In the meantime, Admirals and Epic Heroes please feel free to contribute a map label if you have any ideas.

I'm working on another map that I'll hopefully be done with before the end of the month, so see you then!