Call for Submissions
We are now open for submissions!! 

Thank you to all of our wonderful patrons who helped us reach this goal! I'm so excited to open for submissions and see what amazing work we can offer you. 

What We're Looking For

We hope for a variety, but want every piece we publish to feel like a glass of cool water after a hot and exhausting day. We want pieces that are powerful and strong, as well as pieces that are lighthearted and fun.   Give us pieces that would make you smash the reblog button shouting "THIS!!!," make your entire day just to know it exists, or give you words for a feeling you couldn’t describe before.  

Power and delight can be found in any genre - literary fiction, romance, steampunk, mystery, contemporary - and we welcome any, as long as you are a LGBTQ+ creator writing about LGBTQ+ people who share at least one of your identities.

Your piece must be an original, standalone work, but pieces featuring characters from your ongoing book or series are welcome. The "standalone"-ness of your piece will be very strictly judged - no cliffhangers, no "to be continued."

The central identities we have published before are all listed as "featured tags" on our Patreon. If your identity is listed there with a very low number, we're much more likely to want to work with you, as we try to keep them balanced. (We're just starting out now, however, and are in need of ALL identities!!)

NOTE: No queer tragedies! Any piece involving the death or tragic end of a LGBTQ+ character will be rejected automatically. 

Nitty-Gritty Guidelines

  • 1500 words, no exceptions.
  • Original, standalone, single-piece prose only; fiction or creative nonfiction (not essays, but memoir-style stories from your own life are welcome). No series, no fanfiction, no cliffhangers.
  • By an LGBTQ+ creator
  • About an LGBTQ+ character whose queerness is evident in the text itself 
  • Must be #OwnVoices - the main character needs to share the same LGBTQ+ identity as the author
  • Reprints welcome, as long as the piece is not currently available for free anywhere online. You must mention this is a reprint in your submission. 
  • Please send only one submission at a time and wait for a response before sending again. 
  •  Include the word ostrich (or photos of ostriches) in your submission email to prove you read these guidelines. 
  • Preferably, send only .doc, .docx, or .rtf files. Your piece should follow manuscript format, or at least be easily readable and editable. PLEASE NOTE: Patreon does not allow us to utilize multiple fonts, different font color, or aligning the text to the center or right. These formatting qualities will be lost in publication, so please do not rely on them in your piece. 
  • No slurs of any kind 
  • No graphic sex or violence 
  • No dead LGBTQ+ characters

Rights and Payment

  • $5 flat fee per piece (as of 06/2017. Our goal tiers change regularly - you will be paid the amount offered at the time of publishing your piece)
  • You maintain copyright 
  • We ask for 6 months non-compete exclusivity (meaning don't post or publish it anywhere else), then you can do what you want with the piece
  • Your piece will be up on our Patreon for as long as we have one - it may be available for free or behind a paywall, at our discretion
  • Payment will be sent out the first week of the month after your piece appears (as this is when we receive the funds from our patrons)
  • By submitting your work to us, you are agreeing to these terms, should your piece be selected for publication. 

How to Submit

First - Read the guidelines!! 

Second - Email us at [email protected] and include the following information (feel free to copy and paste like a form), and include any code animals, along with your piece as an attachment. 

  • Preferred Name: 
  • Pen name (if different): 
  • Pronouns: 
  • Piece title: 
  • #OwnVoices element(s) in your piece:
  • Other queer identities in your piece, if any:
  • Paypal email address (if you live in the US, we can send a check. Please include your address if you would prefer a check): 
  • Brief author bio written in third person:
  • Links to website, twitter, kofi, paypal, patreon, book titles on amazon... anything you want linked in your bio: 
  • Any other information you feel is useful up to and including code animals: 

Third - Follow us on twitter @queerspectrum. We will periodically post updates on how far we are in submissions. Please do not query unless you see that we have read through the date you submitted your piece but have not sent you a response. At that point, definitely contact us.