Call for Patrons - January Special!

[Image Text: I need your help spreading the word! Hey Lane is seeking patrons! Wait, what's a patron? A patron is a benefactor, or someone who commits to supporting an artist in the creative work that they produce! Patrons get an exclusive, up-close view of the creation process, and are gifted rewards by the artist!]

 [Image Text: I want to earn your patronage! I need to earn $450 USD monthly to cover the cost of my living expenses. To help me meet this goal, and in honor of the upcoming Black History Month, I'm giving away personalized illustrations (digital or by mail) to all new patrons who commit to $10  or more before February 5th, 2018!] 

[Image Text: Patron Reward Categories: 1.)  At $1 - Become a Literary Lurker: Access to patron-only content, Access to Saltwater  2.)  At $5 -  Up Close Admirer: SALTWATER concept artwork plus all previous rewards  3.) At $25 - Join me at the Editor's Desk: Access to illustration tutorials, illustrated thank you card  4.)  At $75 - Step into the Inner Circle: Access to Daily comics and behind-the-scenes of content creation.]  

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