A Call for the Small Changes

Hey, fellow white folk: I really appreciate all the folk standing up this weekend against white supremacy and Nazism. Really.


Standing up against something egregious is *easy*. You look to your left and your right, and you see lots of people smiling and nodding at you. So it's easy to chant along. 


I have to ask. What are you doing when it's not so obvious? 

When Colin Kaepernick takes a knee and can no longer work in his field. 

When your uncle (aunt, father, brother, daughter) says "But what about those thugs in #BLM. They're exactly the same."

When your co-worker says your [insert minority here] *other* co-worker "just got their job because they're a [insert minority here].

When your video gaming buddy "jokes" about "raping" some girl who just kicked his ass in a first person shooter. 

When your grandmother makes a moue of disgust at your friend and his husband when she drops by unexpectedly while you are enjoying a cold one. 

What are you doing when the cost is personal? 

What have you done today?

This week?

This month?

This year?

Do you notice that Heather Heyer is getting a lot of press coverage, but Deandre Harris, who was savagely beaten the same day, at the same event, is not. 

Do you notice that white supremacists who literally pushed against the police line were handled gently by police, while #BLM members at a memorial were assaulted?

Do you notice that a lot of white people are getting credit for stepping up against racism but a lot of people of color are still getting grief for the same? 

Do you notice that yet another white terrorist (who tried to bomb OKC, FFS!!) was just a blip in the news, while every bad act by every person of color gets woven into a narrative of pattern, of "less than" of "more dangerous than"? 

Do you notice that it benefits you, this selective memory, this selective notice, this selective outrage?

What are you doing when it's not comfortable?

What are you doing when your family, your neighbors, your friends, your boss say you're "going too far"?

What are you doing when it's happening in your own living room?

What are you doing when it's happening in your own heart?







Until Racism

and Sexism

and Homophobia

and Islamophobia

and Classism

and anti-Semitism

and all forms of bigotry

are wiped from the face of the earth.