The Call of Newfthulhu!
Well, we had our regular RPG stream on Friday, that's available on YouTube right now (, and then on Saturday, i GMd a game for some of my awesome friends on Twitter (@YouPickGaming). I ran them through the quickstart adventure for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, and it was freaking AWESOME!

Those guys are great. We had such a blast. People laughed, people cried (literally), people got freaked out (literally), and someone got attacked by a metal bed (in-game only). I'm hoping to be running more game of that on Saturdays, depending on who's available. It was seriously so much fun to run a game for such an awesome group of people.

I had some issues with the recording (they streamed the game, I didn't), but i'm in the process of getting that up on YouTube at the moment.  Unfortunately, I had my recording settings set pretty badly. Doh. So I'll remember to fix that for next time.

We'll be doing some more 4th Edition D&D again this weekend, with Mike finishing up his adventure, then next Friday...I'll probably be running something again. Not entirely sure just yet! Maybe more Cthulhu, we'll see how it goes!


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