Call of Cthulhu - Cults for RimWorld 1.0
 Gameplay expansion for RimWorld.You can now...
  • found a cult.
  • worship monstrous deities.
  • make offerings and animal sacrifices.
  • make human sacrifices in return for powerful spells (6 deitys and 30 spells in total, plus a dozen side effects).

This mod supports these languages:English, Korean 한국어 (밀수업자), and Russian русский язык (kr33man)

::::: NOTICE :::::

Recommended mods

  • Cosmic Horrors (for summoning actual monsters)
  • Industrial Age (for great lighting)
  • Realistic Darkness (for great darkness)

How do I start a cult?1) Load the mod.
2) Play for a few days in-game.
3) One of your pawns will investigate something horrendous.
4) Build the forbidden research center.
5) Research the strange symbols until someone founds the cult.
6) Good luck.


  • Cult-mindedness is a new feature under 'needs' that keeps track of how likely colonists are to become cultists.
  • Better apparel means greater worship results and higher success rates for your sacrifices.
  • Beware! If too many colonists are plotting against the cult, they might take matters into their own hands.
  • Want more? Check the Call of Cthulhu WIP Thread[] on the Ludeon forums.

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