Call of Cthulhu - Factions for RimWorld 1.0
 Adds three new factions to RimWorld inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.

::::: NOTICE :::::

While the lingering fear of Cthulhu is most unnerving, you are not alone. Secretive coastal fishing villages and bases of operations for The Agency have begun to appear across the rimworlds. While the villages are not fond of outsiders, should you trade with them, you might acquire large hooks, branding irons, flare guns, or even a harpoon. The Agency come attired in stylish trench coats, fedoras, bowler hats, and wield revolvers to put down potential threats. Have fun!

Also, special thanks to the fashionrimsta team for working with us to help make more outfits.

  • Adds The Agency faction
  • Adds Coastal Fishing Town faction
  • Adds Lost Platoon faction.
  • Adds 16 new pieces of apparel: Police Hat, Police Outfit, Bowler Hat, Fedora, Top hat, Trench Coat, Nurse uniform, Nurse cap, Newsboy cap, Slicker hat, Straw hat, and Raincoat. Special forces combat uniform for MERF, MERF coat, light helmet, heavy helmet, and World War I uniforms and helmets for Lost Platoon members.
  • Adds 2 new melee weapons: Hot branding iron (burn damage), Pole hook
  • Adds 3 new ranged weapons: Flare gun, Revolver, Hand-held Harpoon Gun
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