Call of Cthulhu - The Elder Things

 Adds a new playable race: The Elder Things.

Adds a new scenario for The Elder Things.

Adds a new faction limited to frozen regions.

The Elder Things, escaping the Shoggoth rebellion, took to sailing through space to escape their own creations. Now they populate the rim. However, while they are often incredibly intelligent and durable, they require slave labor to tend to their needs.

Please put Humanoid Alien Framework 2.0 and JecsTools ABOVE Elder Things.
Also, disable race mods that are not updated with the Humanoid Alien Framework 2.0.

Join our Discord if you have any bugs / questions.

Artwork for The Elder Things was done by spoonshortage. Check out more of her mods here:

Major design consultation provided by Lion Hamster GMT on Discord. Bless you friend.

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