Call of Cthulhu - (No) Factions - Items Only for RimWorld 1.0
No factions included in this package. 

Just the items and apparel introduced in the Call of Cthulhu - Factions mod are here. This mod will conflict with the Call of Cthulhu - Factions mod if both are present. 

Please choose one experience: Factions or No Factions.



Melee Weapons

Pole Hook
Wood Axe
Branding Iron

Ranged Weapons

Webley Revolver
Hand-held Harpoon Gun


Straw Hat
Shirt and tie
Top Hat
Newsboy Cap
Bowler Hat
Trench Coat
Rain Coat
Slicker Hat
Police Hat
Police Uniform
Infantry Helmet (World War I)
Infantry Uniform (World War I)
Nurse Cap
Nurse Uniform
MERF Light Helmet
MERF Heavy Helmet
MERF Body armor
MERF Jacket

Tier Benefits
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