Calling All the Lightworkers

Calling all the Lightworkers

I know that you’re around 

Calling all the Lightworkers 

It’s time to make some sound

It’s time to step up

Walk straight to the line

It’s time to light up and

Anchor down the Divine.

Now’s the time to show your face

Be ready to shine your light

Broadcast peace all over the place

Maintaining your frequency to radiate bright. 

Time to spread truth and peace out to earth 

To decorate your space with love and 

Delight in the Golden Age birth. 

Calling all the Lightworkers 

Requesting your connection

Asking you to give 100

And act upon your mission. 

Love & Compassion & Grace 

Is your essence designed by Creation

Open up to Divine Light with Intention 

Hold more and more to 

Raise your vibration. 


Shine your energy bright! 

And know that you are loved 

Soon we will tip the scales 

And rise with light above. 

Calling all the Lightworkers 

With appreciation and gratitude

Your Lightwork is important 

To the highest honorary magnitude. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

~ with love, Sadie @allnaturalme