Calling all nerds!
Whenever I'm asked 'what do you design?' I always have to rattle off a whole list.  I don't really like to limit myself to just one area, I like to think that I can cover a pretty wide field.  One area I got into, quite by accident, was jewellery design.

I was asked to participate in a jewellery design contest, and as I'd never done anything like that before I thought well why not?  So I tried it and although I didn't win the contest I enjoyed it so much that for the next month or so jewellery was all I was designing!

You can check out my ever-growing range of designs on my Shapeways store -  All designs are available to order in a wide variety of materials; brass, bronze, gold, silver, steel, platinum, acrylic, laser-sintered plastic and many more.  The photo above is a rendering of my latest addition, in my capacity as a lifelong Star Trek über-nerd; my Self-Sealing Stembolt Earrings.

Check them out, feedback and comments are always very welcome!