Calling: A Story of Orphea & Dice
 Her sunshine eyes flickered to the Joshua tree, then back to her. She bit her lip and gestured almost helplessly to Orphea’s guitar.“You call me,” she said, “from…from Joshua tree. You…you need me. Orphea. You…Orphea. You need me.” Confusion clouded her features. “Why? Why do you need me?”

Something sharp and hot lanced Orphea’s chest when Dice’s eyes finally locked with hers. Her mouth went dry. She did, she realized dazedly, eyes stinging. She didn’t even know this girl, and she needed her. Orphea could see an answering need in Dice’s eyes, in the expression on her slender, dark face.

And not only did they need each other, but somehow, without understanding how, without ever having met before, they knew each other.

(Young) Geena Rocero as Orphea
Amandla Stenberg as Dice

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