See what I did there!? WOW, SUCH CREATIVE.

This was my first bigger artwork in months. (Like, pics didn't get bigger than half this size.) And it took so long, omg. I really need conventions coming at me to finish these things, hah.

After I posted a faun commish (I did at a con) on Facebook and stated that I'd like to work on (let's call it) queer fantasy stuff, I received a comment saying something about sirens capturing pretty women with their voice. That's basically the artwork. In my version, I guess. 8D (I think I mentioned that here before, but whatever. I loved the idea!)

Sooo ... yeah. They're already turning into OC and I ship them all (and the fish ladies) and why am I doing this to myself!? I don't want to draw a comic full of ships. Like, real ships pirates use to sail, you know. LIKE THAT DAMN SHIP IN THE BACKGROUND. It has ACEO size and it killed me. And it's just one ship. "orz

Btw, you can get A4 and A3 sized posters of this at conventions oooor several prints on Society6~

Made with: Deleter Comic Book Paper (Type B), Neopiko-Line-3 (sepia/grey), Copic Ciao/Sketch, Faber-Castell Polychromos, correction pen, Hybrid Gel Grip

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