Cambodian Soldier-turned-pastor fought the Khmer Rouge
(skip to 4:00 to see the raw footage of Chan's story)

Behind the scenes: We just found out about this news today of Chan going home. We send out this never-before-seen footage as a celebration of Chan's legacy. We have heavy hearts, but we want you to see what God has done through this humble man.

"Imagine being there in Cambodia and a small, unassuming older man starts to tell you how the American planes were flying over the Cambodia border, and they were dropping bombs on tanks..."

Many years ago this man, Chan, had partnered with the US forces to fight the Khmer Rouge. He then became a pastor after God saved his life. Here is raw footage of Beau interviewing him in Cambodia.

What a legacy this man leaves. 

See you in heaven, Chan. 

- Knok Studio Crew
P.s. We were in Cambodia with the awesome folks over at if you're not supporting their ministry too here on Patreon!  :)