The Cameraslinger's Camera - a Nikon D3000 Giveaway!

Today is my birthday!
Don't worry, you didn't have to get me anything.
In fact, I have something for you!

I'm going to give away my original Nikon kit!

I've been using this camera for almost a decade. I got it when I started college in a graphic design program and it's been my faithful companion ever since. I eventually got a second camera when I caught a D3200 on super sale, but I still carried this one on me every day. 53,500 shots later and I'm ready to pass it on. 

It's not brand new and I can't transfer the warranty, but I want to be able to give someone else the tools to improve. And this has proven to be an excellent tool!

Convince me you need a new camera and its yours!

One person will be chosen to receive:
Used Nikon D3000 with charger and data cable
18-55mm Kit Lens
Extra battery
and a Nikon Camera Bag to hold it all!

Click here to submit your entry! 

The questions I ask on the submission form are open ended and highly subjective. What I'm looking for is someone who has a passion for photography, is eager to learn, and has plans in mind for how they want to use this equipment.

Entries will be open from January 12th - January 31st and I will announce my selection on February 2nd. Make sure you follow me here on Patreon or on Twitter to see who got it!

Note: You do NOT have to be a paying patron to be part of this giveaway! You can even 'follow' this page and receive all the public updates without pledging a monetary amount. 

Photos I've taken with this camera:

'21st Century Journalists' (2017)

'Like Home, But Not' (2018)

'Textures on the 606 - Wood0010' (2018)

'Focused' (2018)