I had an idea for a story about a female bully, but after a few rewrites and attempts to write it out I couldn't get it to feel right. I gave up.

But here is what I ended up with! It's a complete story, just one I don't think works



Cammy Bo was shorter than you, but it always felt like she loomed over you. The rest of the school saw her as a nerdy, soft, and cute as hell asian girl who just happened to be a bit of a science class fanatic. She was one of the adorable, beloved cuties of the school.

But you knew better. One day, in your freshman year, you had been walking with her along with other students. You were part of a group project that she was a part of and had only been following along to take notes and the like. Cammy was respectful to you, as well as all of the others, but didn’t seem all that interested in being anything other than group partners. 

But when the others walked away and you and Cammy was alone she looked you up and down. You and Cammy had barely known each other back then… But she was already quite popular while you were, well, not. She smiled playfully at you.

All the while grabbing you and slamming you, not too painfully but rather roughly, into the lockers. Shocked and surprised, you didn’t realise what was happening before she held your hand behind your back in an inescapable hold. 

You weren’t a bodybuilder or anything, but you weren’t weak either. And yet she had you pressed and in her power. 

“Cammy? Wh-what are you doing?” You had said. Whimpered, even. 

Cammy just giggled, you remember. 

“You’re not strong at all, are you?” she had told you. Her tone was casual, as though it were a friendly chat.

Luckily the halls had been empty at that point so no one was around to mock you. It would have been humiliating, being held down by such a cute, innocent girl. On the other hand, there was no one to save you from Cammy…

She pulled you back and let go. You tried to take the chance to fight back against her, but she tripped you. She grasped your hand and held tight with an unexpectedly powerful grip strength. She pulled you into another inescapable hold while humming.

“You really can’t get out of these, can you? I could make you do anything…”


“Don’t deny it, silly! You’re too weak to resist me, so don’t bother.”

You squirmed and squirmed, trying to break her hold. It was fruitless, as she said. She tightened the hold on you, causing you to stop. A warning.

“I’ve been waiting for this, you know. I needed someone weaker than me to enslave, but I could never find the right opportunity. I’m doing this to you because we’re alone. This opportunity to put you in your place might never come again. Don’t fight. Make this easy on yourself and just submit…”

She tightened the hold even further, just for one painful second. You winced. 

“Say you’re my bitch!”

“O-okay! Okay, please… I’m your bitch!” you said. Your compliance must have amused her, because gave a laugh heartier than her normal, cute little giggle. 

“Man, you’re weak! I’m just kidding, obviously. Though… I will probably make you give me your notes for classes when I’m feeling too lazy.”

Her hand drifted close to your crotch at this. You remember, to this day, a mix of fear, shock, and excitement this elicited in you. You’re not sure if this was even intentional, but you would never forget the feeling. Then she pushed you down and stood over you.

“I’m sure we’ll be great friends!”

*** *** ***

After that moment Cammy, against your will, became one of your best friends in High School. Though you tried to avoid her she would grab your hand and lead you around. With her grip strength, one squeeze was enough to scare away any resistance from you. She always found you during lunch and between classes. 

She even came to your house early in the mornings to pick you up for school. Sometimes, whenever it pleased her, it seemed, she would look for you even on weekends. When she got her license in junior year it became a lot easier for her to find you wherever you were in town.

It was a bizarre experience, being Cammy’s “friend.” In the presence of teachers, fellow students, and even your own family you were just that. One of her friends. She was nice to you. She shared lunches with you, and even gossiped about other students. She invited you to hang out (these invitations were mandatory, though no one else knew that) and even saw movies with you. She even helped you with your school work. You sometimes got the impression that you really were friends.

But when you two were alone, she was unpredictable. She could be kind, or she could be cruel. She could demand anything of you, from study notes to demanding your virginity (Okay, she never did that, but she did joke about it once…). And she never lost her kind, cute way of speaking, even while wrestling you to the ground.

Cammy liked to get physical with you. She never hurt you, though it wasn’t as though she had ever promised she wouldn’t. She would wrestle you down and force you to feel utterly helpless in her grasp. All while speaking to you in that casual, sometimes even endearing voice.

“Did you eat breakfast? You’re even weaker than usual today.”

“See, this is why you need to be reminded who’s in charge! If I didn’t humble you every so often you might get a big head, and then who would get you out of trouble?”

“Anyway, I’m going to sit on you until you agree to watch a movie with me and the other girls this weekend. I’m not letting you miss it!”

She played these moments off as playful teasing, but to you they were a fearful reminder of your role. She gripped you firmly in life, just as she did so to your body while wrestling. 

She was your bully. She was your tormentor. And to make your situation worse, you were becoming more and more attracted to her…

*** *** ***

“I’m going to shove you in my locker one day,” she whispered to you one day. She winked at you and then walked away.

That was during your sophomore year of high school. It was just the latest of Cammy’s playful threats, but it stuck with you for some reason. It made your imagination run wild, and you couldn’t find a way to forget it.

This was the beginning of your perverse dreaming of Cammy.

*** *** ***

You dreamed of Cammy bullying you. In your dreams she was worse than in real life. She was much more violent, demeaning, and you enjoyed it so much…

In real life Cammy wrestled you, but she avoided touching you too perversely… But in the dream land Cammy was merciless. Dream Cammy laughed and giggled while holding you down and playing with your crotch with her fingers. Or stripped you down and sat on your face. Dream Cammy loomed over you even though in reality she was slightly shorter than you.

In real life Cammy would tease you for your crushes. In your dreams Cammy would mock you, and then ask out your crush right in front of you. Then she would force you to go with them on dates and watch her seduce your crush right in front of your eyes. 

In real life Cammy joked about putting you in her locker. You had a special, reoccuring dream about that…

*** *** ***

It was not just when you were sleeping that “dream Cammy” haunted you. Even seemingly innocent things Cammy did began to haunt you at times.

“I like keeping you around,” she would say to you. You would imagine her “keeping” you, taking you to her house, kidnapping you… This was extreme, even for a bully like Cammy, but that fantasy kept you warm at night.

“You have such nice handwriting,” she once said, and you imagined a flirtatious tone in her voice. 

And you never did forget about that thing she said once, about stuffing you into her locker…

*** *** ***

In your dreams Cammy pulls you to her locker. She’s giggling as you squirm, unable to escape her grasp. She opens her locker. You gasp.

Inside is a modified room, just big enough to encase you. It’s soft, with little fuzzy wrist clamps to hold you still. There are little machines alongside the wall of the locker. Dream Cammy laughs and explains to you how she made it…

“I modified the inside of my locker to become your permanent pen. The walls are soundproof so no one will hear your struggling, and covered in little gadgets to monitor you. If you struggle, no one will hear you! If you try anything I’ll see you! You’ll be my personal slave forever!”

You shriek in fear and beg, “Please! Don’t stuff me in there, Cammy! Why would you do this?”

She laughs and picks you up. You squirm but can’t stop her. She puts you in her locker. She snaps the wrist straps, holding you firm. She teases your body with her pretty little hands, pinching and 

“Because you’re mine, silly.”

Then she closes the door while giggling, sealing you in.

It’s dark in there. Sometimes you wake up. Other times… Cammy comes back. She opens the door. While you’re strapped down and unable to move she puts her hands all over you, touching and stroking every part of you. She strips you and presses her soft body upon you…

In your dreams, sometimes Cammy Bo rapes you.

*** *** ***

One day you walked up to her. She was waiting for you in her car, ready to drive you home. She smiled when she saw you. Her beautiful smile… You entered onto the passenger seat, not saying a word. You kept your gaze down.

“Hey! Want to study in your room again? I know your folks aren’t home, though, so I understand if you don’t want to…”

You looked up. She was smiling at you. Your imagination told you so many stories… But in real life, you couldn’t even tell if she even saw you as a friend…

“Cammy?” you said, tensing yourself up and trying to will yourself to speak.


She was looking you right in the eyes. This cute, smart, sadistic, woman…

“Wh-why do you bully me?”

Cammy frowned. She put a hand on your lap, making you flinch. She leaned close to you…

“Do you like it?” she whispered. She was smiling, an evil look in her eyes. “If you tell me you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“R-really?” you said. She nodded.

“If you tell me to stop, I will. No more wrestling you down. No more dragging you around. No more embarrassing you. No more playful threats about stealing your lunch money, and stuff like that.”

“No more telling me you’ll shove me in my locker?” you said.

My locker. It was my locker I told you I would put you in,” she corrected. 

You looked Cammy in the eyes. She smirked, as though she believed she knew exactly what you wanted to say…


“Please what?” she encouraged.

“Please… never let me go…” you said. 

You were so embarrassed, and so disappointed in yourself. But that was that. Cammy nodded, approvingly. 

“I am so putting you in my locker one day. Now come on. To your house. Alone. With no one to help you if I get a little… naughty…”

Your heart beat wildly as she started the car, ready to take you away.