Camp NanoWrimo Day 11
Time for another writing update! *trumpets sound* :D  After I finished with my play I decided to finish writing a short story.  The story is called She Couldn't and it's about a young girl whose family forces her to become her dead sister.  I know that might sound a bit weird but I promise the idea is a lot more interesting.  I finished it up at 5k and it's now sitting with my play, waiting for me to decide to edit it them. Hopefully that will happen next month.

Now I'm trying to (again) decide what else to write for Camp.  I'm excited that I've gotten these projects done this month. Something about finishing, even if it's  small, it is just really good for morale. ;)

So far I'm stuck between rewriting my Alice in Wonderland retelling, or maybe working on some new idea.  Yesterday I got out my retelling and wrote a 1k on it, which made me feel very productive.  And then as far as a new idea I really haven't been excited about anything. Which makes me feel like I should just go with Alice in Wonderland.  If you want to read the first chapter I have it on Wattpad here.

So what do you think I should do? How is your Camp writing going? Are you in a cabin or no?