Campaign Change
For those who pledged to my steampunk comic campaign, thank you for your support but the comic has not been going for a very long time. Maybe someday I will revisit that story, but as of now it will not be continued. I am changing the page to support my painting, you have the choice to continue your pledge and support my original artwork (stuff like portraiture, exclusive looks into my sketchbooks and the first look at any of my new content.)

  I am going to posting my new content soon, the first couple of posts will all be free, giving you time to pull your monetary support if you choose to. 

For those new to this patreon, I hope you enjoy the free content (portraits, paintings, sketches). There is always the opportunity to contact me if you're interested in purchasing one of my pieces and if you just want to pledge to show your support you'll get content such as being able to download my work, access to commissions I've done and videos talking about my paintings and other work. Enjoy- Andie the Adventurer