Campaign changed to MONTHLY!!
Hey, guys! After some debate (and after the mess with yesterday's Patreon stream), I've decided to change my campaign to be MONTHLY rather than per-stream. I realized this would be FAR easier on you guys, and mean that I won't have to worry about charging for a stream that dies half way through. ;^_^ If you want to adjust your contribution amount (since many of you likely set yours to $1 or $2 since it would be charged 4 times), you can do so at any point! It only takes $6 minimum to get one of the EXCLUSIVE Patreon-only goodie packs, which I have all in hand and look AMAAAYYZING!! :D Thank you SO MUCH for those of you who have joined the campaign! You guys are awesome, and I can NOT thank you enough for your support. High fives for ALL -Lizzy B.