Campaign Logger (web app) upgrade Saturday (possible downtime)
Hello Patrons!

This Saturday at 1 am in the morning (Eastern) Jochen and I are doing a system upgrade (March 26).

Web version is affected only. (The mobile apps will be upgraded at a later date.)

You might experience some downtime early Saturday morning.

We are backing everything up.

But if you are using the Logger Saturday around midnight (Eastern) you should export a backup of your Campaign Log files to ensure no last-minute edits get lost.

(Here's more info about the Campaign Logger itself.)

Jochen and I will be around all weekend to offer support in case we roll 1s on a Wandering Bug table.

In case of questions or if you need support:

1) Email [email protected]

2) Or, post to the Logger G+ Community:

3) Or Google Chat Johnn ([email protected])

4) Or Facebook chat Johnn:

We're always available for support, but after the upgrade we'll be checking things every few minutes for issues during the weekend.

Some of what's in this upgrade (Web version only at this time) (F = Feature, B = Bug Fix):

* [F] Custom labels (you can rename them now) and two extra symbols you can use (+ and §)

* [F] Prefix/Suffix (you can add something before and after Log entries each time automagically)

* [F] Shift+Enter! (You can add or paste in line breaks now.)

* [F] Move Log entries up or down one position (a somewhat slow but easy way to order Logs)

* [F] Copy/Share Log entries with your other Campaign Logs

* [F] Dice Roller widget (and the introduction of widgets for future use)

* [F] Import and Merge Campaign Logs (you can share Log files with each other and add to existing Campaign Logs)

* [B] Faster response (should fix delays in Logger commands some folks are experiencing)

These are a few highlights. We'll share more news on new features and bug fixes later.

For now, we just want to give you a heads-up about Saturday's 1 am system upgrade and possible downtime.


Johnn & Jochen