Can Baseball be this SUPER!?
Mark is a hockey fan. And I like Rollerball. And I like auto racing (preferably with chainsaws and machine guns). I've personally never gotten into baseball, perhaps because I'm still emotionally scarred from when I tried playing it in 6th grade.

I couldn't hit the ball. I could catch but couldn't throw. I once ran to 2nd base and got out because I tried to stand up and apparently that was stupid. So, if you like baseball, I'm sorry. I appreciate that you like it, but I think it needs more fire.

This game tries to recapture all the fun and excitement of baseball on the Atari 2600! Does it succeed? Only you can determine that... after watching this awesome review.

I'm back from vacation and already working on the podcast, a movie review, behind the scenes and more. Thank you again for your support and patience.