Can We Change the World?
This morning I am little chagrined; or worse, about the nature of the world. It seems in a world were so many of us live paycheck to paycheck, we find that any deviation can destroy our carefully wrought universe. A few weeks ago I helped a family here in my apartment complex keep their home after a death in the family threw them into a terrifying spiral. All those who helped make that rescue a success, beautiful, kind, people, gave me and others so much hope. Now here we are it is Christmas week and I am making the decision to try to change yet another impending disaster. My aunt, my own family, a beautiful person, she has spent months in a struggle against cancer. She is going through chemo, she has had surgeries, she's lost so much weight, she has been in pain and lived in disease and sickness, and yet now, she has started working again. Her doctors say she is winning the fight. This is wonderful news! Except now, as she was out of work for so long, and is only slowly able to work more and more hours, she to needs a new home. Here is a woman who has struggled through a terrible disease that takes so many, and now she is cast aside because to someone she is merely a dollar sign. In many ways, this enrages me. I realize that it is Christmas time and people are crafting exacting budgets. I realize that it wasn't so long ago that I was looking for help for an entirely diferent cause, and it is often difficult to get people to pull together again and again, if only because we all have our own struggles as well. But I have no other recourse, she is in Montanta, a country away, and I need to help her. So here I am again, with another story that wrenches me. Help me get her into a new home so she can heal in peace. If even you could just share so that others might reach out I would appreciate it. Thank you all <3 Keep on loving folks <3