Can A Website Countdown Timer Increase Your Sales?
Increase your sales using a countdown timer.

Have you ever tried to increase your website sales by creating a sense of urgency?

Watch this video now and see the effect of adding a countdown timer on a product page.

Will this tactic multiply your conversion rates as well?

Watch the video here.



[00:07] Hello everyone! Have you tested selectively, a countdown timer on your website?

Whether you have an ecommerce website, whether you have a service based business, and you might be driving people to your offline premises, like a retail pharmacy, a private hospital, or a vet.

Or maybe you’re looking to make obtain more phone calls and email inquiries as leads. Whatever type of business you are, let’s take a look at this real life example

[00:30] to see how it could work for you. On the left, you can see as I enlarge the screen, they added a countdown timer and it was for the next day delivery. It was showing all day. And on the right, exactly the same setup, but without the countdown timer. So what actually got the best results in terms of sales? Let’s take a look.

It was the version A, with the countdown timer. And it became more and more effective the closer it was to the time

[01:00] when it was going to show 00:00. It got an increase in sales of 8.6% which is an important increase in revenue for a business that particularly in this case is e commerce.

Could it work for you if you’re a service based business as well? Absolutely. You just got to be careful, how you use it.

So I hope that’s helpful. If you got any questions, contact us at And if you need any help with the

[01:30] Google Analytics, conversion analysis, website, and mobile lead generation creation, please let us know, would be happy to talk to you. Thanks for watching and we’ll speak to you soon.


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