Can you handle the Challenge?

Join me in this exciting challenge to celebrate the final book in the Brie's Submission Series on a truly EPIC level! There is no charge and no strings attached to participate in the reading challenge, my friend. I want everyone to enjoy this adventure with us.

Today marks the official beginning of the The Epic Brie Challenge. Every two weeks I will announce a new mini-challenge to read a set of books in the Brie's Submission Series. Over the course of the 5 mini-challenges you will read Every. Single. Brie. The trainers at the Submissive Training Center will ask you a series of questions so you can advance to the next mini-challenge. If your answers meet their strict requirements, you'll receive free rewards!

This Epic challenge has no time limit so you can read at your own pace while you explore Brie's world and all the wonderful people you'll meet in it!

What do I get for participating?
After each mini-challenge, you'll earn interactive and downloadable rewards that my team have lovingly put together for you.

1. A Red Phoenix Surprise!
2. An official certificate of completion from the Headmaster himself!
3. Exclusive bookmark you can only get for conquering this Epic Challenge!

How can I get the books?
All of my books are available on Amazon for everyone and you can read every single Brie book with just one Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Not in Kindle Unlimited? The boxsets are priced at an exceptional value and you can get them in eBook, paperback, or audiobook! Be sure to use my adorable PDF checklist to keep track of your progress (see below).

*Anyone 18+ can join at any time and I encourage you to invite your 📚 reading buddies to go on this exciting Brie Challenge Adventure with us.
**International readers are welcome and encouraged to join the fun!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in Brie's World?

Download my free gifts to you! - (these are found at the bottom of this post)

  • Fun Checklist so you can mark each book as you read them.
  • Kickin' Doorhanger to let everyone know that you're Dominating the Epic Brie Challenge!

I'm so excited to join you in following Brie's journey from start to finish, my friends. ~Red

Brie Challenge #1 - Your Assignment!
🖤 Start your journey clicking on this link: Start the Epic Brie Challenge NOW!
🖤 After you have read the books and answered the Trainer's questions, wait to hear back from one of the Submissive Training Center staff members to receive your rewards and the link to Brie Challenge #2!

*Due to high volume, expect the grading process to take 2 weeks

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