Can you help with a research project?
I do apologise if you've seen this already, but there are 2 things - firstly, the introduction post to a series looking at our women's cycling audience survey from September. I've finally started writing this up, and Part 1 looks at what we did and who responded. I'm doing all the analysis and writing up funded exclusively by you wonderful supporters, so THANKYOU, a thousand times. When I'm cursing myself for ever starting, I think about you, and grin! But I wonder if you could help a different way? I want to make an illustrated timeline of how people got into women's cycling, so I'm asking people to send me the rough date, and how, eg "Nicole Cooke at the 2008 Olympics" or whatever it was. People can leave a comment under that post, or here, or send me a tweet - but if you could tell me yours, and share it if possible, I'd be endlessly grateful. It won't be exhaustive, of course, but the more responses I can get, the more I can start to see real trends. Thankyou! I'm on twitter at