Can You Hold Me || For Ikarea
It feels like a tear in my heart
Like a part of me missing
And I just can't feel it
I've tried and I've tried
And I've tried
Tears on my face I can't take it
If lonely's a taste, then it's all that I'm tasting
Do you hear my cry?
I cry, oh

Can you hold me?
Can you hold me? 
Can you hold me in your arms?

Just wrap me in your arms, in your arms
I don't wanna be nowhere else
Take me from the dark, from the dark
I ain't gonna make it myself
Put your arms around me
Put your arms around me
Let your love surround me
I am lost
I am lost
-Can You Hold Me by NF

After 5 thousand years I finally finish this, this piece took ages despite it being so simplistic. For my babies Kumari and Jasper trying to get back into the swing of drawing my OC kids.