Cancelled Xmas Images + status report
This post main purpose is report. My PC is quite messy. I spend so much time on zipping my PSD files. Some huge PSD liked "Fire Princess" and Queen's Blade Hot Spring". It wasted me 1-2GB for 2 images...

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Talk about Xmas. My first idea is using Illusion Honey Select for the set image.

1 > 2 highschool girl have a part time job

2 > Xmas cosplay in Cafe

3 > Roast her liked Christmas Turkey 

I can't really make this  sequence  well. You can see the attachment files. It doesn't look like a story. Instead of think how to make a story. I drop into a real story instead. That's the Lisesharte Atismata manga.

Another reason... There is so many ryona Honey Select images now. I don't really needed to do that.

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About Iris Love Hotel 3 (Megaman X)

I have a stupid idea. But I think this idea people don't love to see it.

The story would base on Infinity Calibur

Yea. You properly feel something is wrong now. The part I love most is DOCKING. Zero and Iris become the ultimate reploid Omega.

Omega swing the sword and beat down Sigma.

And then various form Zero would come here. Saying


(Check  Evangelion Congratulations  if don't know what it is)

The final scene would just show his broken helm liked Megaman Zero 4  Ending.

The whole meaning of this stupid story is...

Zero and Iris fighting so hot. And then Ciel comes and destory everything :D

If you really have interest. I would draw a story to tell you. :D