Cancer and Fascia
The drain on creative flow that can occur during political revolution is the reason for my absence since November 6.

I was not thrown out of whack by it all, but my clients were.  It is a trait of my personality to get really calm when there is an accident or injury.  It is later that I tremble and cry and regroup. Luckily, I'm in the right line of work to witness folks coming unraveled and then getting reorganized again.  And I found that by Thanksgiving I was drained.  So, I took some time to reorganize myself.

After collecting myself following the US Presidential election, I am ready to keep spreading the light in my own unique way.

This new research article has shed new light on how cancer cells interact with their environment.

Interpretation: fascial restrictions act as highways for cancer cells to migrate. The more fibrous the matrix, the more force is exerted by the cancer cells. 

Implications: thicker fascial restrictions increase the chance of metastasis. 

My speculation: could breast movement, prevented by bras, have contributed to stagnation and a more fibrous matrix conducive to cancer cell proliferation?

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