Cancer log 43: Clinical Trial?
So, yesterday I had additional biopsies; the one on the right breast came back negative, so that side is all clear, hooray. The one on the left was positive, which means that there's cancer in two different areas of that breast. Not great news. (Not terrible either, but it would've been nice if not. Oh well.) The upshot of this is that I've been offered a potential spot in a clinical trial, if my next biopsy results qualify me (they'd be taking a fresh sample, freezing it, and sending it to California for a different test). If I did the trial, it'd mean three additional MRIs, two additional biopsies, and four additional blood draws. Annoying, but manageable. In terms of actual treatment, it means that I'd get the standard of care treatment + an additional agent (which might be extra-helpful). There are apparently four different options they're testing, so I'd be randomized into one of those four groups. The trial is called I-Spy 2, and the website with full details is here: I need to decide by Monday morning (well, I don't have to, but the sooner, the better). My inclination is to go ahead and see if I qualify for the trial (after all, it's good for SCIENCE!, and it might be good for me too), and then go ahead with it, but we're going to ponder it for the weekend, consult with all the doctors in the family, etc.
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