Candle Burning for Leo
Yesterday my friend Leo became a patron at the Stalwart level.  To be honest, Leo has been a stalwart for going on two years now.  If memory serves, he started participating in Cabal Fang meetings in March of 2016.  They say "You are your five closest friends."  I hope that's true because it would serve me well to be like Leo.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Leo for your support.

This morning I blessed and anointed a one-hour candle for you.  I placed it in the Barachiel shrine with incense, lit it reverently, and burned it in your name.  Then said the following prayer:

"Great Archangel Barachiel, I ask that you send your blessings to Leo.  He is a true friend, a kind and giving man, and a devotee of Cabal Fang.  Please  guard him, guide him, care for him, visit and defend him -- today, tomorrow and forever, I pray thee."   I repeated the prayer eleven more times for a total of twelve recitations.

Prayers completed, I sat down in front of the Barachiel shrine and engaged in silent contemplation until the candle burned out naturally -- though I did take a moment to snap this photo as the candle neared its end.

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