The CANON PIXMA PRO 1 Printing a 13x19 from Qimage Ultimate
So before I began to prepare to print the first 13 x 19 print on CANON PRO Luster Photo Paper, I decided to check up on something.

Exactly how much ink was used out of a single PGI-19 cart during the initial ink charging?

I removed one cart and weighed it.
It was 16 grams lighter than the full weight of 84 grams. So that adds up to  16 ML x 12 carts = a whopping 192ml of ink!!!!!

After I got over that shock I began to prepare the printing process from Qimage Ultimate.

I set the driver to Photo Printing, 13 x 19 Pro Luster, high quality, color matching to None and full application of Chroma Optimizer!

Then chose the CANON Pro Luster 1-2-3 ICC profile and relative colorimetric plus black point comp!

The resulting print was nothing short of GLORIOUS!!!

The video can not possibly do it the justice it so deserves!

Please let me know what other demonstrations you would like to see me do with this printer and I will be more than glad to do them!

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