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CAN´T BREATHE - The Three Monkeys Video

Good morning lovvverlies,

and wishing everyone the best possible Brexit day...

I try and brighten this up as much as I can for you, by enhancing the fearmongering atmosphere of the song with the video! Yay! After much kicking of asses in the early morning it´s finally here: public premiere  planned for 2/12 15:00 EU/14:00 UK 09:00 US East private link,  accessible now (I prefer pushing youtube though)

Please don´t share these links yet. I´ll tell you when to :-D well from the YouTube premiere on obviously! I hope you´ll join in and comment away to help me boost plays!

Download for 3+ patreons follows, and all 7+ will get an additional reel of us improvising as the three monkeys in the bathroom... Oh my. 

Apropos booting plays: TOMORROW 2/2/2020 (I just HAD to!) is the official and public single release on Spotify etcetera.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us boost THOSE plays! That might be the one most important thing in winning more fans, to get significant numbers on Spotify on the FIRST 48 hours. Yes I know that´s silly but at least it´s something we can DO!

So if you have some time tomorrow (and are not fed up with this song yet), please please hunt it down on Spotify and PLAY IT! Add it to all your playlists! Send the link to friends! Ask them to add it to THEIR playlists!  

Thank youuuu <3

Now, Enjoy! And remember while watching: it was HUGE fun making this. Except when I tried to sing under water! Well that was fun for everyone ELSE at least :-D

love you


Here´s our release info btw in English and German, if you´re interested. I´m currently making a German blog from that which will be released in the next few days on a feminist music zine:

"I'm not in control". The beginning of CAN´T BREATHE, penultimate song on TRIGGER WARNING, Feline mutters a capella to the audience like an old acquaintance - because the motif is represented in almost every song on the album, and not only musically the leitmotif of TRIGGER WARNING.

We think we can control so much -- our future, our relationships, our online profile, our health, our reality. Ourselves.The moment we notice that this control has long since slipped away is archaically frightening.  CAN´T BREATHE portrays it.

The song and video can be perceived as from the perspective of a mentally ill person who can no longer see what is real and what is not, and who is afraid of an uncontrollable other self. Or from that of a bullying or trolling victim who has to watch helplessly as others joyfully destroy their life.

But we don't have to go that far to long for control. Can we control climate change? US elections or Brexit? The war in Syria? The Corona Outbreak? 

(In Berlin, breathing masks go scarce. Even if it looks like it in the video - it's not our fault!)

Every day, every second we are confronted with informations suggesting we have to act. Or at least to know about it. Without actually being able to change anything.What else helps than doing it like the three monkeys - don´t hear, don´t see, don´t speak? 

“I´m not in control”. Den Beginn von CAN´T BREATHE, vorletzter Song auf TRIGGER WARNING, singt Feline den Zuhörenden wie eine alte Bekanntschaft ins Ohr - 

denn das Motiv ist in fast jedem Song auf dem Album vertreten und nicht nur musikalisch, sondern auch inhaltlich Leitmotiv von TRIGGER WARNING. 

Was glauben wir nicht alles kontrollieren zu können - 

- unsere Zukunft, unsere Beziehungen, unser Online-Profil, unsere Gesundheit, unsere Realität. Uns selbst.

Der Moment, in dem wir bemerken, daß uns diese Kontrolle längst entglitten ist – den portraitiert CAN´T BREATHE.

Song und Video können aus der Perspektive einer geistig verwirrten Person erzählt sein, die nicht mehr erkennen kann, was real ist und was nicht, und sich vor einem unkontrollierbaren anderen Selbst fürchtet. Oder aus der eines Mobbing- oder Trollingopfers, das hilflos zusehen muß, wie andere das eigene Leben genüßlich zerstören. 

Aber so weit müssen wir gar nicht gehen, um uns nach Kontrolle zu sehnen. Können wir den Klimawandel kontrollieren? Die Wahlen in den USA? Den Krieg in Syrien? Den Corona-Ausbruch? (In Berlin gehen die Atemmasken aus. Auch wenn es im Video so aussehen mag – unsere Schuld ist das nicht!) 

Täglich, sekündlich werden wir mit Nachrichten konfrontiert, die uns suggerieren, wir müßten handeln. Oder zumindest Bescheid wissen. Ohne daß wir tatsächlich etwas daran verändern können. 

Was hilft da noch, als es mit den drei Affen zu halten – nichts hören, nichts sehen, nichts sagen?

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