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Messing with a new medium to talk about HeartAlchemy© since the universe doesn't want me to do anything else, except maybe draw and sing and plant things in the garden.

> Insert video link here <

Wondering if this might be the way for me to create videos for the online experiences on Kajabi? And realising it can all be that easy! Which is exactly what HeartAlchemy© is all about...

> Adobe Spark page not responding <

If I don't have a sales pitch, as such, that follows the Hero's Journey formula, then what do I have? I have the meandering conversational philosophy that pokes into every pie by seeing them all as one.

> Maybe if I try to generate a link instead of a download? <

Which also means I have little to offer in the way of advice for improvements, since what I do is very much an acknowledgment of what is already "working" and "wise" about you, about what you do, about how you show up, and so on.

> No, that's still not loading <

Having little to offer is about what I don't have, so what do I have (if I don't have advice for improvements)? Well, I guess I have ways of directing your attention to what is rather than to what isn't, in a way that makes visible how what is is already perfect, balanced, et cetera.

> Okay, how about a different browser? <

Even the fact that I can't get the Adobe Spark link or download page to work so that I can share what I created today... even this is perfect! 

> No. Maybe Cam can make it work, "hey lovely! Have you got a minute?" <

Perhaps an invitation to yell at the computer (just another form of making noise which fills the so-called body with sound-vibration and energy) or an invitation write about when things don't go as planned (whatever that means).

> "Let's leave it while we go shopping and see if it just needs more time" <

I mean, when do we get to talk about the perfection in all its guises if not now in our everyday-ness? And who if not me (and you) is going to acknowledge that perfection is not getting what you want in that polished way with pearls of wisdom inside each pearl, but instead being where you are with th feelings you're feeling (and the computer not working) and recognising that this too is perfect!

> Nope. Still not working. Humf <

Not that you need to enjoy it or stop being annoyed or start appreciating the fact that you have a computer to bitch about. No, just that we can be frustrated and know that's the perfection of this moment, and in the next moment we have a post to write so we can write about this, feel sorry for ourselves for not having the video to share and/or abandon this altogether to go do something else.

> Maybe there's a URL for the library of all my work that I can use instead <

And know either way that it's all on purpose. That perfection includes all the pages not loadng and feeling annoyed and then aware of our want for things to be different and all the moments of our life!

> Nope. Nothing... <

All the moments! All the ear aches and back pain and broken promises and heavy hearts and so much more. Everything we experience is an honour. Perhaps not a joy always or a welcome sensation, but an honour as Spirit explores as us.

> Alright, I give up. I guess I'll have to post without it <

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