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It has been a interesting week for Games by Play Date. we appeared at TotalCon 27 on Sunday and ran a panel on Prototyping your game. There were a number of great designs/ideas that guests brought up. From team based water balloon war games to modular board Depression era farming the creativity on display was inspiring. It is always exciting to see new ideas being roughed out and the teams that shared their games with us all had a unique angle for their creation. Also on Sunday, Glenn met up with Rhiannon Ochs from Spooning Meeples and attended the Dorks in Dungeons improv show. We had a chance to demo slash:romance without boundaries with some audience members and it went over splendidly! There are a number of new projects simmering this week: We are prepping our campaign for the NH Startup Challenge (where last year we were third place), continuing development on next months offering Eat! That! Corpse! as well as sketching out a few new game concepts. Preparations for the Kickstarter campaign of Pack the Pack continue apace. Art from David Bednar should be arriving for approval shortly and then we can start doing heavier design work on the product. For those wondering Eat! That! Corpse! is a competitive, worker placement game where players take the role of hungry wolves who have set upon a snowmobile enthusiast trapped under a flipped snow mobile. Each wolf must plan what portion of the unfortunate winter sportsman they will attempt to consume and gobble as much as they can before a hard freeze sets into the body. A rudimentary version of the game can be found in this December posting. Art assets and game pieces are being illustrated by Kenny Duquet and tokens, cards and game board are being designed by Glenn Given. We anticipate a full release version mid March. Thanks for your support! We can't wait to get great games in your hands! website: twitter: