Canteatro - the opera troupe
Ay!Carmen- operita flamenca

This was the 1st ever canteatro show. And a dream. 

I wanted it black-and-white, with colour pops in the women's skirt, the infamous rose, and some blood-red items on the smugglers. And the traditional Torero's flag, which is not red at all, but pink, and yellow, like a Spanish flag that has been in the sun very long (to show the Torero's expoerience).

The rest: a few wooden boxes which doubled as Cajones for Christoph - some rickety chairs - a rope - a rose -a beer- and a wine bottle - and a knife that what designed for us by Berliner Ensemble. Thank you!!!

I wanted to tell the story, that's it. And it seems I did just that. It's all there, in the music. I just put on stage the images I always had in my mind when listening to CARMEN on my parent's car radio. And surprisingly, people were surprised by that. By Carmen laughing her ass off after the Torero's first entrance, by the vicious fun those women have in fighting, by Carmen acting as a teenager in love (it evebn says so in the original text), even by her acting as if really in love. She is! And that's what I consider so modern, or timeless, about this opera: She IS in love,and HE IS, too, and yet they just don't fit. She is pragmatic enough to push him away, and in love enough to let him come back, and in the end she's dead. I've seen this happen everywhere, with the exception of killing each other. It's an opera, after all.

And then there was Pericola, and Cenerentola, and some day we will do a real version of Don Quijote...

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