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Captain America: Hydra Eater
well now that i had a i chance to see "Captain America: the Winter Soldier" without interruptions, i can now appreciate it alot more. this probably stands as my favorite marvel movie, with "Guardians of the Galaxy" coming in a close second. this movie thou has a very tight plot and well choreograph/shot action. plus it has the balls to tell a very mature story that really takes some potshots at the American government. its really well crafted spy thriller. and once you let all sink it really resembles the metal gear saga. a super solider, with a dead friend that comes back to life with cybernetic augmentations, fighting a shadow organization that will use a a new weapon to rule the world. just strap a bandana on Captain America and give him a rougher voice and his set. in conclusion: the "Winter Soldier" is the Metal Gear movie i always wanted
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