Captain America
Hi Peeps! ^_^ - Here's the first of the prize sketches for some of the lovely peeps who have been impressing us with their commitment to our Silicon Heart​ #kickstarter! ^_^ First up is Captain America for Gary Watson​, who's been supporting our campaign like a tooper on on facebook, twitter, and on his site - thanks so much for your support Gary! ^_^ If you want to be in with a chance of winning a digi-sketch like this, then keep up the awesome work with sharing and supporting our Kickstarter, (and feel free to tell me what you've been doing as I struggle to keep up with everything! ;)) - each time I see someone share or post about it I add a point to your name, then on Tuesday I'll pick a new winner (or maybe more than one!) ^_^ Massive thanks again for all your support so far guys, you've been awesome.. in fact I did some maths earlier (go me, I suck at maths!) and calculated that if everyone who liked the Silicon Heart FB page pledged a further £5.50 we'd be at our total!! - so it feels within reach! exciting! XD Thanks so much for all you're doing! ^_^