Captain Yuletide #4 (cover)
I hope this is a good teaser to the conflict this year's Captain Yuletide is going to have to deal with. Not everyone wants a White Christmas, but try telling that to The Snowbringer! Not to mention Dianna, this year's Captain Yuletide! Can she bring about peace before someone's Christmas is ruined!

I didn't want to do the same kind of villain I had in the previous three stories, so this year I wanted a Captain Yuletide with a less fighting approach, but Dianna will have to make use of her powers before this story is done. I've also tried to get more Christmas-themed stories. 

The first issue was about someone trying to ruin Christmas, but that story was more about introducing the concept. Issue #2 was closer, as that Captain had to rescue Santa from the Krampus, and last year was more about the origin of Captain Yuletide and Bryce the Green-nosed Reindeer. Hopefully from here out stories will be more Christmas related as well as character arcs for the various chosen elves. I already have an idea for next year's but I need to finish this one by Christmas day first and events have already put me behind.

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