Captain's Log Two

I always forget just how busy Spring into Summer is. Most of my geek events of the year are between mid-April and late October but the majority of them are crammed into a five-week period which is now. LARP event, Free Comic Book day, Steampunk Festival, the Sheep Shearing festival (because I live in a dorky city,) plot meetings, then another LARPing event before I finally have a breather

Not much has happened on the writing front because of this. To be perfectly honest I would kill for a nap. A good solid one wrapped up in a blanket burrito.

So for actual work I have been playing around with character templates. I have two I like, a simplified and an in depth one so maybe if I don't pass out early tonight I'll post them. The simplified one will be for Tier 2 and below. The in depth one will be Tier 3 and up. If not then probably tomorrow.

Nothing else new this week. Next week there will be more posted. Promise! For now, thank you for being a patron! And always feel free to comment and let me know what you want to see more of.

Rock hard,

L. Fayth