CAPTION DU JOUR | August 19, 2017
You don't always notice windows this big in photographs. When you do, it's usually an opportunity to stop, take it all in, and apply a suitable caption. That's where I come in, hehe.

It would appear that Copenhagen's Jeppe Gondolf has that all-seeing "wizard-like" eye for visual perspective, and I can also see I'm going to have a blast in the immediate future going through his regular feeds and applying my unique brand of wordy sauce.

In this caption, I can just imagine Jeppe instructing his charge in this scenario to "dig deeper" and see beyond the surface details. Shouting from high-above, observing the young apprentice's budding talents, honing them, cultivating them, eagerly anticipating its future brilliance and dominance.

Again, thank you heaps to the BNW family of sites -- especially BNW_Greatshots -- for bringing artists like Jeppe front-and-centre to our attentions.