CAPTION DU JOUR | August 22, 2017
Hooray, because Benjamin has returned to the daily caption! And, um, in case you hadn't heard...there was this little bit from yesterday..?

Truth be told, I couldn't help but append my usual wordy goodness and it seems as though Benji was down with the plan as well.

Depicted: the confusion of navigating a city's urban precincts in an unrelenting chilly downpour...slippery surfaces...the clear discomfort coupled with the slight sense of alarm of what may transpire. Then...the sudden appearance of her beau in the rain, calling out his name...and that familiar whoosh of relief as the tension just dissipates from her body.

In sum: Benji makes you look thrice! The mark of an expert light 'n shadow marksman.

Ame as he would say: You're welcome!