"Captivating and confronting"
Occasionally I had to put 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' away, because it was too tough for me. Yet I was captivated. I was under the spell of this story and all the implications of it, while the question of how to cope with this disease also buzzed through me. For you must know that I have read this book with two different hats on. Firstly as a kinesiologist and also as a professional with Lyme clients in my practice.

Clients who I wanted to help as much as possible, as a friend of someone with Lyme, who the book is intended for. The other hat was of someone who has also been bitten by a tick and therefore infected and sick. It is on the one hand scary to face the 'naked truth'. But on the other hand, it is the only way to focus and to know what you’re fighting against what you fight. Author Huib Kraaijeveld is quite good at confronting.

The section in the book that captivated me most was about the spiritual reason why you may be infected. Then you have basically two options. Either you may become more spiritual than you already were, or you can become more creative. In both cases, it comes to discovering talents, abilities within yourself, which have been neglected for too long. The parasite also provides a chance for a profound transformation.

Apart from that you just have to deal with a creature that must die, your immune system that you need it in order to fight it, the purifying organs should be supported to remove toxins, the damage to your system must be solved and you need to choose to resound for life. Quite simply put, in one sentence. In his book, Huib shows that sometimes this is not so simple and that we don’t get the support that we hope for, so we need to find in another corner. 

My biggest lesson from the book was to believe in myself. Nobody knows my body better than I do. Five times professionals told me that I was healed. Five times this turned out not to be so, while every time I felt that faultlessly. Any doctor or therapist can only look as far as his or her own truth. This parasite evades radars. So if you want to trace, then you must rely on your own radar and leave no stone unturned. So you will make your journey and I’ll make mine. That journey is unique and there is beauty in that.

Review of 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' by Merel, kinesiologist, the Netherlands