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Card Game Designer Icon Kit
It's been about a year since I first launched this Patreon campaign and I've learned a lot in that time about making clear, easily readable icons. At first, I really resisted using any kind of metaphor in these icons, thinking that it would be more useful and unique if we had icons that literally showed exactly what they meant. In this way, those icons could be used in games of any genre or theme. However, I've come to realize that sometimes a metaphor is *more* clear than trying to literally depict a game component. In that spirit, this icon set revisits some of the basic concepts of card games I've worked with before, but presents them in a far clearer format better suited to smaller sizes and in-game explanation. Included here are hand and "home" icons in black, white, and half/half. I'm taking inspiration here from Guildhall, which uses a hand or home icon to represent your hand of cards or your personal tableau, but in black or white to note who owns those cards or tableau. In prior icons, I was using a more literal row of cards to represent a tableau, but I felt it wasn't as universal or easily understood. I've also added a redesigned Deck icon, Discard Pile icon, Trash icon, Trick icon, and a simple arrow icon. The new Deck icon is cleaner, more solid, and easier to scale. The Discard Pile icon is based on the Deck icon's silhouette, but reverses the black and white while adding a bunch of loose corners to the stack. The Trash icon is there when you need to communicate removing a card from the game entirely. The Trick icon is something I personally find useful when I design a simultaneous action or trick-taking card game. Lastly, the arrow is a simple arrow. Nothing wild there. From this simple set of icons, I went ahead and made an icon for every single permutation of moving a card from one location to the other. Then I also made a set of icons for swapping a card between two locations. In total, that comes out to 177 fresh new icons for you. I hope you like them! Download them here: Thanks so much for your support!