Strap in- the game designers field some questions about the upcoming Dreamkeepers card game.   Got more?  Ask away on twitter:

Q: Will there be more than one game mode?

A: We have prioritized polishing the normal game mode, to ensure that it is as fun and balanced as possible. However, we have experimented with different game modes and are hopeful to include them eventually. If you'd be interested in unique 1v1 play modes, or even a 2v2 game mode–let us know on Twitter! @DreamkeepersCCG

Q: Will there be factions that you can choose from, or will each character belong to one default?

A: The base game will include 4 'Light' character decks and 4 'Dark' character decks.

Q: Do any of the cards have unique art or is all the art reused?

A: We haven't decided on exact numbers, but at least 10% of the cards will have new art from Dave, and there will also be some number of community art cards. The rest of the carts will use art pulled from the comic. However, more cards will include new art from Dave if we hit our stretch goals on Kickstarter.

Q: How many cards are in the base game?

A: The base game will contain a minimum of 168 illustrated cards.

Q: Can you confirm which characters are playable?

A: We will be revealing one character each week during Dave's Thursday community chat. So far we have revealed that both Tendril and Igrath have their own decks.

Q: Will certain factions / characters be advantaged against other factions / characters?

A: Yes. Each character's deck has a unique style with it's own strengths and weaknesses. By combining 2 decks together, you can create a variety of different strategies to best exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

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