The Cardinal and the Waterfall
“The Cardinal and the Waterfall”

The song captures a perfect Summer day of peaceful nature, not too many months ago and not too far from here, the type of day that feels magical and passes slowly heightening colors and the senses. The song unveils the day as a sequence of framed moments in a pleasant melodic structure culminating in a breezy chorus endind like it started with the slide guitar gently gliding off the day as dusk and rain joined in closure.

 Beautiful peaceful days like this one last forever, they make up for all the other bullshit days we go through the year for sure. Who cares how many days are in a month or in a year really? What matters is how many days counted as real days, how many days made you feel like you were alive? How many days brought you a genuine smile on your face? Well, I can count mine and this was one of them. 


 “The Cardinal and the Waterfall” by Eliane Delage

“We threw our coins in the fountain and watched the water swallow our hopes, 

wishes do come true eventually, 

but not many days like this.

Sitting by the waterfall on a bench made out of trees, graced by a Cardinal flying over the stream, not many days like this.

Not many people you hold so close to your heart that you could

Tell your crazy stories to and nothing would be weird, You laugh and you cry and 

time could almost disappear, not many friends like this...

July Fourth, we float on a boat... in Central Park

We’ll miss the fireworks and watch the rain in the dark”

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