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Careless Whisper, 1930's Style- featuring Dave Koz
Here's our newest! While in LA, we met up with Grammy nominated saxophonist Dave Koz to tell him about Postmodern Jukebox. He loved the idea so much that he volunteered to be in a video with us and help us create a 1930's jazz version of the 80's classic, "Careless Whisper." Not only did he solo over 5 different genres at 1:42 (you may recognize a bit of "Take Five" in there), but he also played three different saxophones AND managed to appear from different parts of the frame each time- a feat that actually required him to crawl from one side of the room to the other, to avoid being seen by the camera. In addition to being an amazing player, Dave was a super cool guy and really fun to work with. Thanks for your continued support in making collaborations like this happen! -Scott
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