Carl "The Fowl" King
Here is a quick breakdown of the steps to a commission for a fellow patron.  Carl King is a creative all rounder, I believe currently focusing on Music For Film and TV, you can check out his musical prowess on Soundcloud.

Carl is also looking to supplement his creative pursuits with direct patron to creator support systems.

I was tasked to use my ink skills to render Carl for marketing materials, in this case stickers. After a few "heated" exchanges Carl suggested I work from a photo that appears on his IMDB page. After establishing that it indeed conveyed the gravitas that would endear future clients, I proceeded to the sketch phase.

Once the sketch was approved, I moved on to drawing the final piece. Attempting to capture the likeness using mostly a chin.

As you can see I decided to alter the original photo by turning the chicken's head to face Carl, this was to give the piece a stronger silhouette. I adjusted the drawing a bit more after I took this scan, I was not happy with the hat and other small details. 

These are the final inks, I used Bombay Black ink predominately for the chicken, Sumi ink for grays and an Akashiya ThinLINE brush pen for details. The Patreon Logo was masked so I could safely work around it. 

Carl sent me a photo today of the stickers, it's very exciting to see something turn around so quickly and become tangible. I hope they entice folks to support him in his creative quest. Take a peek at Carl's Patreon 



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